Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stagnating Again...

Between getting a cold and my body readjusting from traveling across country for 2 weeks I seem to be stagnating so time to switch things up again:  Here is my menu for the day:

2 OB muffins
1 hard boiled egg

Veggie Salad with Tuna
1 Yogurt



  1. Michele, I'm very curious about the muffins you eat on this diet. Is there a recipe you could share, or are these purchased from Dukan? I used to make bran muffins that became an everyday part of my diet, as a way to reduce cholesterol, but I'd like to know about the Dukan muffins. Thanks.

  2. Judy, they are homemade and here is the recipe:

    Makes 12 muffins, cook at 350 for 15 minutes

    3 Eggs
    9 T Oat Bran
    9 T Fat Free Yogurt
    3 T Splenda
    3t of Baking Powder
    1T Vanilla Extract or any flavor extract

    They are really good but not low in Cholesterol

  3. Thanks for the recipe, Michele. I just may give them a try, as I'm always keeping my eyes open for healthy recipes. Your weight-loss is stunning, and so admirable!