Tuesday, January 5, 2010


In part of my effort of always "Paying it Forward" I have started this New Year with a bang! I supplied a Mother with the materials (thank you ABC Stitch) for our design Catch Me by Selina Fenech for her Daughter to stitch.

I had some problems getting the chart to her in time for Christmas and it turned out that her Daughter was visiting extended family and she had planned on doing Christmas New Year's Eve and the package arrived that day - the Universe works in wonderous ways!

I have completed the Quaker piece for the Legacy Quaker Exchange and I did a rather complex design which was a snippet from Museum de Chelle and it warmed my heart.

The HAED Freebie Fairy team dropped off about 50 charts this past December too and they are quite pleased with themselves as well!

Now to plan the rest of 2010 with Pay it Forwards....


  1. You are such a sweet and generous soul, bless you my dear!
    Love the colours of the sampler you did... gorgeous!

  2. Ummmm... isn't Catch Me by S Fenech?