Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coming Full Circle

Before Grace
After Grace
Hansel and Gretel

I feel as though healing has actually taken place here on the Sayetta Homestead. We have replaced a few trees, replaced the ducks lost in the tornado and cleansed the land of all the debris, nails, miscellaneous whatever's that remained strewn about.

It is an odd feeling, one that is satisfaction in replenishing so much that was lost and yet feeling unsettled in an odd sort of way. It was hard to pick where to put 3 large evergreens when we lost over 200 but we found homes for them and they have names:



  1. Hope the new additions develop strong deep roots. Those ducklings are adorable, what a joy it must be to be surrounded by so many of God's creatures.

  2. I love that you gave them names to grow in. And I have a feeling that these three will branch in closer to your heart than all 200 of the trees lost.

    Hold onto hope my friend!