Friday, May 15, 2009

A Weird Week...

  • 1 ambulance ride for Moi
  • 1 dog kicked by horse and loses her eye
  • 1 alert that someone is bootlegging our charts and selling on an auction site and even using images with our name Heaven and Earth Designs
  • 1 horse down for several hours with colic
  • 1 piece of jewelry that I have decided to keep (see above), isn't that the most beautiful and tender shade of pink (Pink Peruvian Opal) and then I added the word Faith because God knows I need it.....


  1. Holy cow! That is definitely one crazy week! I hope the next few weeks are much better for you!

  2. hmmm, you didn't tell me about the poor dog losing an eye... hope all is well there poor thing...

    i see the trolls are still in business

  3. Yes indeed an odd week. We lost our youngest kitty this week after coming home from a zero show and tonight we celebrate our 25th Anniversary.
    All kinds of lessons to take from this bittersweet week.
    Love the faith you included here. I need some!!